Wake Canine Search and Rescue
P.O. Box 26116
Raleigh, NC 27611-6116

Welcome to WCSAR.net

How to contact us:

Agencies having jurisdiction may contact us 24 hours a day through the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management's 24 hour Operations Center at 1-800-858-0368.

Or via WCSAR e-mail

Or by cell phone as follows:

Kevin Bean   910-308-6802
(President / Search Commander)

Mike Chorney   919-539-1909
(Deputy Search Commander)

2016 Board of Directors

President:     Kevin Bean
Vice Pres:      Scott Gooch
Secretary:      Paul Jarmul
Treasurer:     Paul Jarmul
At-large:     Catherine Louis

What is WCSAR?

Wake Canine Search and Rescue is a non-profit all volunteer organization dedicated to provide emergency responders and qualified dog/handler teams to assist in the search for missing persons.

Founded in 1995, the membership comes from all professions and occupations, bound by the dedication of helping to save the lives of others.

Our capabilities

WCSAR provides trained emergency responders who work as highly efficient teams to search an area for clues that may ultimately lead them to the victim.

Wake Canine Search and Rescue also utilizes two types of dogs to meet the diverse needs of an emergency:

     1. Tracking/trailing dogs that are trained to follow the scent left by an individual.  They can discriminate between different individuals and can work in both rural and urban areas.

     2. Air scent dogs that are trained to scan air currents in a given area for human scent.  The dog follows the scent to the lost person and then leads the handler back to the victim.

Wake Canine Search and Rescue personnel spend countless hours training to ensure that high standards of proficiency are achieved.  All personnel are also trained in land navigation, radio communications, survival, and basic emergency care.

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